About the Data Visualization Studio

The Data Viz StudioThe DataViz Studio is a space where students and faculty can discover and learn how to present their data in beautiful and meaningful ways. Come for consultations, workshops, ideation sessions, and group or individual tutorials on all things covering data visualization, design, interaction, and communicating information graphically.

Monday – Friday  2:00 pm to 7:00 pm

or stop by Newman Library, Room 2030

Did you know?
We offer workshops on data visualization and design software, along with working with your data both conceptually and graphically to communicate your findings effectively.
We’re building a portfolio of data visualizations that exemplify the beauty of design and research science.

The Data Visualization Studio includes:

  • A computer loaded with popular data visualization software
  • Interactive touch table
  • Two collaborative workstations with monitors
  • Surround sound capabilities
  • A large wall-mounted monitor
  • Expert assistance and trained student staff